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Christian Customer Comments

We respectfully submit that comments, testimonies, etc., we have received over the years would probably fill a volume.  Here are but a few.

Your Queen Esther Myrrh anointing oil is beautiful!
~ Betty P. Halcom, Tx

Thank you for the new Queen Esther oil. It's just wonderful.
~ Robin, Homer, NY

Your Frankincense & Myrrh anointing oil is wonderful. I'm going to be doing business with you until the Lord comes.
~ Rev. Honey, WI

Thank you for the Frankincense & Myrrh anointing oil. It is soooo real. Excellent!
~ P.H., Assistant Pastor, Milwaukee, WI

Our customers love the fragrance & quality of your various oils.  We can't keep them in stock.
~ E.O., Retail Christian Bookstore, NJ

One of our lady retail customers who buys your Shalom Myrrh Lotion Skin Drench said the fragrance lingers, and lingers, and, lingers - all day. It is down right gorgeous.
~ Betty, Christian Store, OH

The very outstanding smell of your Oil of Joy/Gladness anointing oil is so lovely that it just has to be from somewhere else. Up. Our congregation has never experienced a fragrance like that
~ R. Dawson, Pastor, MS.
R. Deibler, CEO of RODCO says, “He's right - see Psalm, 45:7-8, where Heavenly Father anointed Jesus' garments with Myrrh, Cassia & Aloes over two thousand years ago. His garments STILL have the same fragrance TODAY, as Jesus sits on the right side of His Father in heaven.” Note - some Bibles mention Oil of Joy. Other Bibles read Oil of Gladness. RODCO's label reads Oil of Joy/Gladness, to encompass ALL Bibles.

What I like about your Frankincense & Myrrh oil, is the scent. It is the best oil I've ever used. I am very active in the ministry, and, The Lord told me to use this oil. I speak at many women's conferences, and, I also have a jail ministry and anoint women inmates.
~ Sister D. Ferguson, CA

Your Frankincense & Myrrh anointing oil not only has a fantastic fragrance, but, is so inspirational. Over the years, we have used many different oils in our services, however, there is nothing like this oil. It stands out by itself. The fragrance opens the door to the Promised Land.
~ N. Quested, Minister, Teacher

Awesome! Your Spikenard anointing oil IS AWESOME! It's my favorite oil.
~ Lorilei Ching, Hawaii

Your Oil of Joy/Gladness is very, very nice. What a blessing - just like all of your other oils I've ordered.
~ Rev. C. Naylor, MD

I want to commend you and your company for the very best lotion I have experienced. The Myrrh fragrance is beautiful.
~ Grace S., Ocean City, NJ

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