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Photos/Renderings of an Authentic Ancient Olive Crushing Vat and Olive press at Capernaum, Israel.

Photos by Richard Deibler. Renderings by K. L. Darnell

Olive Oil Production in Ancient Israel

Ancient Olive Crushing Vat

(Photographed at Capernaum, Israel, November 1990 by R. O. Deibler

In early times, Olive Oil production was a slow process. Olives were initially crushed by a heavy stone roller and the oil collected.

Ancient Olive Press & Collection Vat

(Photographed at Capernaum, Israel, November 1990 by R. O. Deibler)

For thousands of years throughout Israel, vats and presses were in operation, as olive oil was a very valuable commodity. In fact, it was deemed every bit as important as the petroleum industry as we know it today.

Crushing the Olives


Copyright © 2000 RODCO Ltd.
Illustration by K. L. Darnell

After 5,000 years, basic methods in the extraction of oils respective to Olive trees, Frankincense trees, and Myrrh trees are still practiced.

Over the centuries, techniques have been employed and improved upon for greater yield. These wonderful, high quality genuine ingredients are used in the production of our exclusive, world renowned anointing oils.

Pressing the Pulp


Copyright © 2000 RODCO Ltd.
Illustration by K. L. Darnell

Straw/wicker baskets pierced with holes on the sides for drainage were filled with pulp from the crushing vat then stacked on an olive press. The baskets were topped with flat stones. As pressure was applied to the top stone by means of a lever/beam device weighted with larger stones weighing hundreds of pounds, oil was squeezed from the pulp and would be forced to the sides & through the holes in the baskets - draining down to the shallow trough & into a collection vat/basin, ultimately filling it. The oil was then dipped and poured into containers for transport, via camel caravans.

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