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About Us

Why RODCO is the World Industry Leader


1. GREATEST SELECTION: RODCO produces the largest assortment of anointing oils in the industry ...21 lovely fragrances including Frankincense & Myrrh, our famous world renowned leader in annual sales, - Rose of Sharon, - Lily of the Valleys, - Myrrh, - Spikenard, - Sweet Cinnamon, - Cedar of Lebanon, - Balm of Gilead, - The Holy Oil of Exodus, - Prayer oil of the Holy Trinity, - Oil of Joy/Gladness, see Psalms 45:7-8, this is the fragrance of Jesus' garments, - The Light of Christ, - Queen Esther, - Mary, Mother of Jesus, - Ruth, - Naomi, - Revelation, blended with many biblical fragrances, - Almond, - Pomegranate, - Lavender and - Rainfall.

2. QUALITY: Anointing oils by RODCO are composed of golden oil from the fruit of the olive tree. The oil is then master blended with some of God's loveliest, most incredible fragrances on earth - to be used by His children for the express purpose of anointing and blessing.

3. DEPENDABILITY: Since 1975, thousands of Christians worldwide have relied on the never ending availability of RODCO anointing oils either directly or through sources such as retail Christian Gift and Bible stores, Church bookstores, or ministries.

IN CONCLUSION ... RODCO sets high standards; has excellent marks for overall, bottom line value; offers an exceptional product in both quality and quantity; is unmatched in assortment and selection, and is unchallenged in dependability. RODCO is unmistakably the industry's world leader for quality-assured anointing oils and related supplies.

RODCO Ltd ... the company whose fierce, unrelenting pursuit of excellence in product quality, coupled with customer satisfaction is a most absolute, never ending goal.